zmeny okolo energetickych stitkov na elektrickych spotrebicoch

Jan Waclawek konfera na
Úterý Červen 11 14:29:45 CEST 2019

Label reform

As a result of the development of more and more energy efficient products,
and because the difference between A++ and A+++ is less obvious to the
consumer, the categories will be gradually adjusted to reintroduce the
simpler A to G scale. 


A product showing an A+++ energy efficiency class could for example become
a B class after rescaling, without any change in its energy consumption.

The A class will initially be empty to leave room for more energy efficient


In addition, from 1 January 2019, suppliers (manufacturers, importers or
authorised representatives) will have to upload information about their
products into the European product database for energy labelling (EPREL
) before placing these products on the European market. 


(nemam chut sa dopracovavat k nejakej primarnejsej legislative a uz vobec
nie ju skumat)

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