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Aha, dakujem.


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>Imperialna sustava nema etalony, palec je difinovany ako 2.54 mm
>FAQ: When did the metric redefinition of the inch occur?
>In 1958, a conference of English-speaking nations agreed to unify their 
>standards of length and mass, and define them in terms of metric measures. 
>The American yard was shortened and the imperial yard was lengthened as a 
>result. The new conversion factors were announced in 1959 in Federal 
>Register Notice 59-5442 (June 30, 1959), which states the definition of a 
>standard inch: The value for the inch, derived from the value of the Yard 
>effective July 1, 1959, is exactly equivalent to 25.4 mm.
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>>To s tymi palcami a galonmi nerozumiem - akoze pomer voci metrom a litrom
>>ostava zachovany?

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