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Imperialna sustava nema etalony, palec je difinovany ako 2.54 mm


FAQ: When did the metric redefinition of the inch occur?
In 1958, a conference of English-speaking nations agreed to unify their 
standards of length and mass, and define them in terms of metric measures. 
The American yard was shortened and the imperial yard was lengthened as a 
result. The new conversion factors were announced in 1959 in Federal 
Register Notice 59-5442 (June 30, 1959), which states the definition of a 
standard inch: The value for the inch, derived from the value of the Yard 
effective July 1, 1959, is exactly equivalent to 25.4 mm.

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>To s tymi palcami a galonmi nerozumiem - akoze pomer voci metrom a litrom
>ostava zachovany?
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