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Jindrich Kubec
Úterý Říjen 16 00:38:57 CEST 2007

At 00:29 16.10.2007, Jan Waclawek wrote:
>OK este musim sam seba sprdnut, on ten limit na min.16 bitov int je aj v 
>K&R, len treba citat pozornejsie... Chapter 2.2:
>"Each compiler is free to choose appropriate sizes for its own hardware, 
>subject only to the the
>restriction that shorts and ints are at least 16 bits, longs are at least 
>32 bits, and short is no longer
>than int, which is no longer than long. "

Takovej peknej citat jsem nasel, to se nemuzu nepodelit ;o)
>Some programmers become obsessed with knowing exactly what sizes things 
>will be in various situations, and write programs which depend on things 
>having certain sizes.

S.Summit, C Programming Notes.

Jindroush ( - Pro fany stavebnic LEGO.

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