OT: Keby si chcel niekto doma analyzovat

Daniel Valuch balu na k-net.fr
Pondělí Únor 17 18:10:49 CET 2020

Ak by mal niekto zaujem prehrabovat sa v jednom kvadrilione protonovych 
zrazok, alebo dvoch petabajtoch inych dat, tak si moze stiahnut tu :-)



ATLAS has made public 10 inverse femtobarns (fb−1) of the 13-TeV data, 
which corresponds to about 1 quadrillion proton-proton collisions, or 
500 thousand produced Higgs bosons. It is also approximately the same 
amount of data that the ATLAS collaboration used to discover the Higgs 
boson in 2012. The datasets, software and tools are available on the 
ATLAS public website and on theCERN Open Data Portal.

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