PWM na ESP8266

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Středa Březen 28 23:14:45 CEST 2018

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4.7. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
ESP8266EX has four PWM output interfaces. They can be extended by users 
The pin definitions of the PWM interfaces are defined as below.
The functionality of PWM interfaces can be implemented via software 
programming. For
example, in the LED smart light demo, the function of PWM is realized by 
interruption of the
timer, the minimum resolution reaches as high as 44 ns. PWM frequency 
range is
adjustable from 1000 μs to 10000 μs, i.e., between 100 Hz and 1 kHz. 
When the PWM
frequency is 1 kHz, the duty ratio will be 1/22727, and a resolution of 
over 14 bits will be
achieved at 1 kHz refresh rate.

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