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*CERN Open Days: bookings to visit the underground facilities are now 
being taken*


Geneva, 15 August 2013. From today, CERN will be taking bookings for 
visits of its underground facilities during the Open Days. From 9 a.m. 
to 8 p.m. on 28 and 29 September, members of the public will have a rare 
opportunity to visit one of CERN's underground sites. Two points of the 
Large Hadron Collider, CERN's flagship accelerator, will be open to 
visitors, as will its four main experiments and the SPS, another 
underground accelerator.

As the capacity for underground visits is limited, access to the 
underground facilities will be by reservation only, and tickets must be 
obtained from the CERN Open Days website. For safety reasons, children 
aged 12 or under will not be admittedto the underground sites. Each 
person will be able to reserve up to four tickets, which will be valid 
for a specific day and timeslot. The tickets, which are free of charge, 
will be made available on the site progressively over a four-week period.

CERN operates state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, particle 
accelerators and detectors, in the pursuit of fundamental knowledge 
about matter and the Universe. Its largest accelerator, the LHC, is an 
underground ring measuring 27 kilometres in circumference that smashes 
tiny particles into each other. Their collisions are analysed by several 
detectors, including in particular four huge machines measuring tens of 
metres in height and length, packed with millions of sensors. The LHC is 
fed by a chain of accelerators, the last of which is the Super Proton 
Synchrotron (SPS), housed in an underground tunnel measuring 7 
kilometres in circumference.

As well as the underground facilities, the public will be able to 
discover 35 other exciting sites where CERN's activities increase our 
knowledge, such as laboratories, the Computer Centre, accelerators and 
experiments accessible on the surface and technical facilities. Visitors 
will have the chance to meet scientists, engineers and technicians, who 
will explain the discoveries and technologies of the world's largest 
particle physics laboratory.

All visits and activities will be free of charge.

In view of the large number of visitors expected, certain roads will be 
closed to traffic. No parking for the general public will be available 
on the CERN sites, so visitors are strongly recommended to use public 
transport and the shuttle-bus service provided for the event. These 
shuttle buses, for which there will be no charge, will make regular 
trips between the external car parks and the CERN visit sites. Each 
visitor will be entitled to a free ticket for one return trip to the 
Open Days, valid on all public transport within the Unireso Tout Genève 
zone, courtesy of our partner for the event /Transport Publics Genevois/ 
(Geneva's public transport system).

To reserve tickets for the underground visits and for practical 
information concerning all aspects of the Open Days, please consult the 


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