CERN celebrates twenty years of a free, open web

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*/CERN celebrates twenty years of a free, open web/*

Geneva, 30 April 2013 - Twenty years ago CERN published a statement 
<> that made the World Wide Web ('W3', 
or simply 'the web') technology available on a royalty free basis. By 
making the software required to run a web server freely available, along 
with a basic browser and a library of code, the web was allowed to flourish.

The technology, invented in 1989 at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee, was 
originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for information 
sharing between physicists in universities and institutes around the world.

Other information retrieval systems that used the Internet - such as 
WAIS and Gopher - were available at the time, but the web's simplicity 
along with the fact that the technology was royalty free led to its 
rapid adoption and development.

"There is no sector of society that has not been transformed by the 
invention, in a physics laboratory, of the web", says Rolf Heuer, CERN 
Director-General. "From research to business and education, the web has 
been reshaping the way we communicate, work, innovate and live. The web 
is a powerful example of the way that basic research benefits humankind."

The first website at CERN - and in the world -- was dedicated to the 
World Wide Web project itself and was hosted on Berners-Lee's NeXT 
computer. The website described the basic features of the web; how to 
access other people's documents and how to set up your own server. 
Although the NeXT machine - the original web server - is still at CERN, 
sadly the world's first website is no longer online at its original address.

To mark the anniversary of the publication of the document that made web 
technology free for everyone to use, CERN is starting a project to 
restore the first website and to preserve the digital assets that are 
associated with the birth of the web. To learn more about the project 
and the first website, visit
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