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Středa Březen 17 11:43:16 CET 2004

Jeste ke kompresi zvuku - v konferenci Chipdir se objevil nasledujici
zajimavy prispevek, urcite stoji za to, vzit uvedene skutecnosti v uvahu.

>What seems to be important when you work with speech is the fact that =
>is made of low intensity sound that should be precisely rendered and =
>intensity "spikes" (I mean with infrequent rises ) that should be =
>Of course, if you sample at 16 or 24 bit you can get a perfect sound =
>respective to what we discussed. The trick is to use a non-linear =
>digital converter to digitize the speech. The difference in input =
>that makes the digital output change is smaller if the amplitude is low =
>when it is high. 

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